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Aurora Life Sciences enables you to make enlightened choices regarding your health with autoimmune testing. With our groundbreaking autoimmune disease test, you can know where you stand before symptoms ever arise. ALS concentrates on catching symptoms years before progression with our autoimmune blood test. We focus on user-friendly autoimmune testing that ships directly to your Tucson home.

Tucson Autoimmune Disease Test

With a population of nearly 546,000 residents, Tucson is the second-most populous city in Arizona. The citizens of Tucson proudly nicknamed the city “The Old Pueblo.” We are inclined to become affected by our surroundings or genetics. With an autoimmune blood test, you will be able to apply preventative measures once you receive detailed results from our autoimmune disease test.

Tucson Autoimmune Blood Test

The outcome from an autoimmune disease test produces a comprehensive report that can change the way you and your doctor approach your health. ALS offers two autoimmune tests: one for screening and one for testing the severity of markers. We offer an autoimmune blood test that will benefit your entire family. Aurora Life Sciences autoimmune tests support self-awareness for your health. Don’t delay, call today to gain control of your health.

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