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Take your health into your own hands with the specialized help of Aurora Life Sciences. With our innovative autoimmune testing, we can now determine if you have the markers for 30+ autoimmune diseases. If our autoimmune disease test indicates the presence of markers, then we offer an autoimmune blood test that reports the details of the levels of autoimmune markers tested. Aurora Life Sciences makes having individual or family autoimmune tests affordable for those in Springfield.

Springfield Autoimmune Disease Test

Aurora Life Sciences introduces a proprietary autoimmune testing kit that puts knowledge in your hands. Known as the home to President Abraham Lincoln Springfield, Illinois is a beautiful capital city with 116,250 residents. Aurora Life Sciences’ expertise in biophotonics and microarray, enhances wellness testing with innovative autoimmune tests. We make it possible to have one autoimmune disease test that detects over 30 autoimmune markers. Our patented autoimmune blood test helps Aurora Life Sciences give you accurate results.

Springfield Autoimmune Blood Test

Aurora Life Sciences is providing life-changing discoveries. We dedicate ourselves to empowering diagnostics with our autoimmune testing kits. Our cost-effective autoimmune disease test presents an overview of your autoimmune status. The current market autoimmune disease test is typically limited to no more than five autoimmune disease markers. However, this can be time-consuming, inaccurate, and costly. Aurora Life Sciences’ two specific autoimmune blood tests provides an extensive set of markers in one test. Order your autoimmune tests today!

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