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Aurora Life Sciences provides autoimmune disease tests that are affordable, comprehensive, and more informative than other lab’s autoimmune testing. Our autoimmune blood test is sent to your Schaumburg residence in a timely fashion. Aurora Life Sciences specializes in enhanced autoimmune tests that not only determine the presence of 30+ autoimmune markers but can provide a detailed report of the exact levels of the specific markers. Your health care provider can then help determine how to proceed in protecting your health.

Schaumburg Autoimmune Disease Test

Aurora Life Sciences autoimmune testing helps patients and practitioners get accurate laboratory testing at a reduced cost. The Northwest Chicago suburbs of Schaumburg, Illinois is part of the Golden Corridor and has a population of 74,227. In 2017, Schaumburg was ranked 9th best place to live in the U.S. by Money Magazine. With our autoimmune disease test, you will receive an extensive set of autoimmune disease markers all in one autoimmune blood test.

Schaumburg Autoimmune Blood Test

Aurora Life Sciences knows that it is inherently difficult to diagnose an autoimmune disease, which is why we have produced a more informative autoimmune testing kit that screens for more markers at one time. Our innovative autoimmune disease test is a useful tool that provides an expanded overview of your autoimmune status. If you have fatigue, joint paint, skin problems, digestive issues, or recurring fever, we encourage you to order an autoimmune blood test. Aurora Life Sciences’ autoimmune tests promote screening that supports self-care.

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