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Aurora Life Sciences is a revolutionary company that delivers an autoimmune testing kit along with an autoimmune disease test that reports detailed levels of over 30 autoimmune markers. We offer you a chance for a timely autoimmune disease test that gives you the data your health practitioner can use to help you advance your health with a proper understanding of your autoimmune status. We will send your screening test right to your Sacramento home.

Sacramento Autoimmune Disease Test

Sacramento is the capital of California and is lovingly nicknamed “Sac City” and “The City of Trees.” Sacramento, CA, is home to over 508,500 residents. Allow ALS to enable you to govern your health with autoimmune testing. The autoimmune blood test can help you advance your overall health by making the appropriate lifestyle changes. The autoimmune disease test ALS facilitates will be combined with the care you already receive from your doctor.

Sacramento Autoimmune Blood Test

ALS is committed to giving insight that inspires healthy decisions. We give you a complete summary of your autoimmune standing in one autoimmune testing process. Our autoimmune disease test categorizes markers linked to specific autoimmune diseases. A second autoimmune disease test helps discover the degree of the autoimmune indicators. If you want to make educated health decisions, contact Aurora Life Sciences for an autoimmune testing kit.

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