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Aurora Life Sciences lets you make informed decisions regarding your health with autoimmune testing. Over 60 million Americans have an autoimmune disease. With our innovative autoimmune disease test, you can know your status before symptoms ever progress. ALS concentrates on spotting symptoms years before progression. We also focus on convenient autoimmune testing that is shipped directly to your Portland home.

Portland Autoimmune Disease Test

With a population of over 653,000 residents, Portland is the largest and most populous city in Oregon. The citizens of Portland proudly nickname the city “Rose City.” We are prone to becoming susceptible to our surroundings and genetics. With an autoimmune blood test, you will be able to implement preventative measures once you get accurate results. ALS offers two autoimmune tests: one for screening and one for testing the severity of markers.

Portland Autoimmune Blood Test

ALS gives you the power to make informed decisions with autoimmune testing. The results from an autoimmune disease test provide a detailed report that can change the way you and your doctor approach your health. We offer an autoimmune blood test that your entire family will benefit from. Aurora Life Sciences autoimmune tests promote self-awareness for your health. Don’t delay, call today to place an order.

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