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Aurora Life Sciences provides autoimmune testing that promotes healthy living through screening. Traditionally people wait until they are sick to seek care, but our goal is to support preventative measures prior to symptoms. We make it simple by sending an autoimmune test directly to your Milwaukee home. Our autoimmune disease test is a comprehensive way to find autoimmune markers that are associated with specific autoimmune diseases. An autoimmune blood test from Aurora Life Sciences is an affordable way to get valuable information.

Milwaukee Autoimmune Disease Test

Aurora Life Sciences autoimmune testing picks up markers that are influenced by genetics, lifestyles, and the environment. Milwaukee is in southeast Wisconsin and offers a stunning lake view with unique historic buildings scattered throughout the city. Milwaukee is considered a Gamma global city with a population of 594,511. Our autoimmune disease test is a broad-based screening test for 30+ markers. We have a second autoimmune blood test that details the levels of markers. Aurora Life Sciences innovative autoimmune tests are a proactive way to protect your health.

Milwaukee Autoimmune Blood Test

The truth is a positive autoimmune blood test means that its likely other family members may have the presence of autoimmune diseases. Aurora Life Sciences offers autoimmune testing so that you or someone you love won’t have to suffer from debilitating symptoms. Early detection with an autoimmune disease test allows one the chance to make lifestyle changes effecting the root cause and possible progression. Aurora Life Sciences is dedicated to empowering diagnostics with autoimmune tests that can enable healthier decisions.

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