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When you only have one life to live, it’s important that you do what you can to promote prevention. At Aurora Life Sciences we offer innovative autoimmune testing kits that screen for over 30+ autoimmune markers. You don’t have to wait for symptoms to occur any longer, with our autoimmune disease test you can find out early so you can take the proper Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes (TLC) to stop disease in its tracks. Aurora Life Sciences delivers an autoimmune blood test directly to your Joliet home. Get affordable autoimmune tests today!

Joliet Autoimmune Disease Test

Aurora Life Sciences has expertise in biophotonics and microarray technologies that enhance wellness autoimmune testing. Joliet, Illinois is a thriving city just 30 miles southwest of Chicago. The community is evolving into a commuter suburb but was known previously for steel and manufacturing. Our autoimmune disease test is also changing the way people look at integrative health. An autoimmune blood test from Aurora Life Sciences gives you a baseline of information that you can take to your healthcare provider. Our autoimmune tests promote prevention.

Joliet Autoimmune Blood Test

Aurora Life Sciences offers cost-effective, innovative autoimmune testing, which is a time-sensitive diagnostic tool that gives you an overview of your autoimmune status. Order your autoimmune disease test today or call to learn more information. Our highly trained staff will handle your autoimmune blood test with great care. Contact Aurora Life Sciences and get the autoimmune tests that empower you to make educated decisions regarding your health and wellness.

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