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Aurora Life Sciences’ autoimmune testing picks up markers that are influenced by genetics, lifestyles, and the environment. Our autoimmune tests are a proactive way to protect your health. Sixty million Americans suffer from an autoimmune disease, with that number expecting to double over the next five years. Early detection with an autoimmune disease test allows one the chance to make lifestyle changes effecting the root cause and possible progression. Aurora Life Sciences makes it simple by sending an autoimmune blood test to your Indianapolis residence.

Indianapolis Autoimmune Disease Test

Indianapolis clients will save money by purchasing our autoimmune disease test because Aurora Life Sciences has the best prices in the country. Indianapolis, often shortened to Indy, is the state capital with a population of 872,680. Indianapolis is known for fast cars, and blockbuster events. It has also gained acclaim for a flourishing culinary and brewing scene, thriving cultural institutions, cool neighborhoods, and so much more. We have many Indianapolis residents that have received their autoimmune blood test and are more than satisfied with the results.

Indianapolis Autoimmune Blood Test

Aurora Life Sciences is an innovative company that offers autoimmune testing kits along with a comprehensive autoimmune disease test report with detailed levels of 30+ autoimmune markers. An autoimmune blood test from Aurora Life Sciences gives baseline information to you and your healthcare provider. Our autoimmune tests help to promote prevention. Contact Aurora Life Sciences to receive more information about our autoimmune testing and to make educated decisions regarding your health and wellness.

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