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Aurora Life Sciences provides autoimmune tests that are inexpensive and more enlightening than autoimmune testing from other labs. Our autoimmune blood test is sent directly to your Fort Worth home. ALS specializes in autoimmune testing that not only determines the existence of over 30 autoimmune indicators but also can offer a thorough report of the levels of the specific markers.

Fort Worth Autoimmune Disease Test

ALS autoimmune testing helps patients and practitioners get accurate laboratory testing at a reduced cost. Fort Worth is a city in Texas with a rich history. Over 895,000 residents call Fort Worth home. With our autoimmune testing, you will receive an extensive set of autoimmune disease indicators all in one autoimmune blood test. Your doctor can then help decide how to protect your health.

Fort Worth Autoimmune Blood Test

If you have constant fatigue, joint pain, digestive issues, or recurring fever, we encourage you to order an autoimmune disease test. ALS understands the difficultly of diagnosing an autoimmune disease, which is why we have created a more clarifying autoimmune test that screens for over 30 markers at one time. Aurora Life Sciences cutting-edge autoimmune blood test is a useful tool that provides an extensive summary of your autoimmune results.

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