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Aurora Life Sciences offers autoimmune testing that inspires healthy living via health assessment. It’s typically the norm for people to wait until the onset of illness to seek care. Our goal at ALS is to encourage preventative measures before symptoms show up. Our autoimmune tests are a convenient way to detect specific autoimmune diseases. We make it simple by sending an autoimmune blood test directly to your El Paso doorstep.

El Paso Autoimmune Disease Test

El Paso, Texas, is home to over 682,000 citizens, making it the 22nd largest city in the United States. El Paso, lovingly nicknamed “The Sun City,” was voted the safest large city for four consecutive years. Our autoimmune disease test is a broad-based screening test for over 30 markers. The innovative autoimmune testing at ALS is a proactive way to protect your health so that you can get ahead of the symptoms.

El Paso Autoimmune Blood Test

ALS offers autoimmune tests that detect indicators that are influenced by genetics, lifestyle, and the environment. Early detection with an autoimmune blood test allows one the chance to make lifestyle changes effecting the root cause and possible advancement. Aurora Life Sciences is dedicated to empowering you by providing autoimmune tests that can enable healthier decisions.

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