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Aurora Life Sciences is an autoimmune testing specialist that developed a comprehensive, informative, and cost-effective autoimmune disease test. Over 60 million Americans suffer from an autoimmune disease, which is expected to double over the next five years. We offer two autoimmune tests, our signature autoimmune blood test determines the presence of markers, and the second determines the level of those markers. Aurora Life Sciences will ship directly to your Champaign home.

Champaign Autoimmune Disease Test

Aurora Life Sciences introduces our proprietary autoimmune testing kits throughout the country. Champaign, Illinois is known as a significant landmark due to the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and several well-known technology startup companies. Champaign has 81,055 residents and is home to six Fortune 500 companies. Our affordable autoimmune disease test and comprehensive autoimmune blood test delivers a report detailing over 30 markers. Get Aurora Life Sciences autoimmune tests for less than 50% of current comparable lab pricing.

Champaign Autoimmune Blood Test

Once Aurora Life Sciences autoimmune testing has confirmed the presence of markers, you can help your body heal itself with early detection. Even though you may have no symptoms, our autoimmune disease test can help uncover problems years before they cause symptoms. Now is the time to take your health into your own hands with our autoimmune blood test. Aurora Life Sciences combines our autoimmune tests into a package deal. Call today to find out more information.

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