Rheumatoid Arthritis, Lupus, Crohn’s Disease (to name a few) DO NOT HAVE TO BE LIFETIME DISORDERS and may not be the only diseases a patient has. It is well documented that if there’s one diagnosed autoimmune disorder, there are potentially several others that could go undiagnosed.

Our revolutionary autoimmune testing procedure can find 3X the amount of active autoimmune markers versus a standard ANA test from a general practitioner.

As a result, we can better identify underlying disorders that linger endlessly AND allow a Naturopathic / Holistic / Integrative / Functional Practitioner to customize a Therapeutic Lifestyle Change (TLC) program to ARREST AND REVERSE THE PROGRESSION of autoimmune/chronic conditions WITHOUT TOXIC MEDICATIONS.

To get started, purchase either the Autoimmune S or Autoimmune 30+ seen below:

Autoimmune S

An affordable broad based screening test that indicates the presence or absence of autoimmune markers that are associated with common autoimmune diseases.

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autoimmune 30+

An expanded comprehensive report detailing the levels of each of the 30+ autoimmune markers tested.

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How are the tests used?

1. The prevalence of autoimmune disease is rising. The Autoimmune S is a low cost ($149) test for determining if one is negative for the autoimmune disease markers included in the panel. For those that test positive the next step is to order the comprehensive autoimmune 30+ test that provides the details of the autoimmune markers detected and associated disease(s). The cost is an additional $295 when ordering as follow up to the autoimmune S screen.

2. The Autoimmune 30+ ($395) identifies the activity levels of specific autoimmune markers present to monitor disease risk, disease activity or response to therapy.

Test results help guide the individual to what they can do to prevent or reverse progression of early markers to autoimmune disease. By providing results to your practitioner, one can become a partner in care as the therapies suggested for treatment are complementary to conventional medicine.

When To Get Tested?

Autoimmune disease markers develop over months to years and go through a long pre-clinical or pre-symptom stage before an autoimmune disease is diagnosed. It is during this early (pre-disease) stage that autoimmunity is most preventable, and reversible.

In the past, expensive diagnostic tests have not been used as a screening test for chronic disease of unknown cause and no known cure. Now that protocols are published for prevention and reversal of some chronic diseases (Coronary heart disease, diabetes, autoimmune disease) and low cost screening tests are available, screening and early detection are now being adopted by individuals and practitioners pursuing Therapeutic Lifestyle Change (TLC) 1,2,5,17,24,24 (ref Therapy page) for disease prevention, arrest and reversal.

If there are symptoms suggestive of an autoimmune disease it should be noted that autoantibodies are supportive of a diagnosis, however they may rarely occur without a disease or as a transient phenomenon during an infection. In some cases it may be appropriate to monitor the concentration of autoantibodies for the development, activity or prognosis of disease and the effect of treatment.

What are we testing for…

Autoimmune Disease Autoimmune Disease Marker
Sjogren's Syndrome (SS) Ro60, La
Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE) Ro60, La Sm U1-snRNP A/C/68kD, dsDNA, Ku p70/p80, PCNA, ScL70(kDA), Ribosomal PO
Neonatal lupus (NL) Ro60, Ro52
Scleroderma Ro60, U1-snRNP A/C/68kD, PMScl100(kDA),Sc70(kDA), La
Mixed Connective Tissue Disease (MCTD) Ro60, U1-snRNP A/C/68kD,
Myositis Ro52, U1-snRNP A/C/68kD
Primary Sjögren’s syndrome La
Primary Biliary Cirrhosis La, M2
Pulmonary Hypertension U1-snRNP A/C/68kD
Raynaud’s phenomenon U1-snRNP A/C/68kD
Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) La, U1-snRNP A/C/68kD
Myositis PMScl100(kDA)
Polymyositis dsDNA, Ku p70/p80, Jo-1, U1-snRNP A/C/68kD
Dermatomyositis Mi-2, Ku p70/p80, Jo-1, U1-snRNP A/C/68kD
Pulmonary Hypertension Ku p70/p80
Systemic sclerosis (SSc) Ku, p70/p80, ScL70(kDA), CENP B
Crest Syndeome CENP B
Primary biliary cirrhosis (PBC) CENP B, M2, sp 100
Polymyositis/Dermatomyositis Jo-1
Interstitial lung disease Jo-1
Central Nervous System (CNS) Diseaase Ribosomal P0
Autoimmune Hepatitis La, LKM-1, LC-1, SLA
Celiac disease (CD) tTG/IgA/IgG, DGP/IgA/IgG
Dermatitis Herpetiformis (DH) tTG/IgA/IgG, DGP/IgA/IgG
Crohn’s disease (CD) ASCA/IgA/IgG
Systemic Vasculitis MPO, PR3
necrotising glomerulonephritis MPO
Cystic Fibrosis/Infection BPI
Pernicious Anaemia IFAB, AGPC
Atrophic Gastritis IFAB
Chronic Thyroid disease TPO
Hashimoto’s thyroiditis TPO
Granulomatosis with Polyangiitis PR3
Autoimmune Atrophic Gastritis AGPC
Congential Heart Block (CHB) Ro 52
Dermatomyositis M2
Autoimmune chronic active hepatitis type 2 LC1

Autoantibody Markers Tested

Our test is a comprehensive set of autoantibody markers selected to provide an expanded overview of an individual’s autoimmune status.

Autoimmune Diseases:

Tested autoantibody markers are associated with one or more of the following autoimmune diseases.

Click here to view autoantibody/disease association provided on  Autoimmune 30+ test report

How the Process Works

Upon receipt of an order, a sample collection kit will be sent to you. The test kit contains a sample collection vial, instructions for use and a pre-labeled, prepaid shipping pack. After receiving, take the sample kit to a blood draw location in your area.

Blood Draw Locations

Please note: Prior to a draw, verify that the draw center can process and pack the specimen per the instructions . A nominal service fee by the center may be charged.

Any Lab Test Now is a national blood draw service with locations in many cities. They accept and process specialty test collection kits for a nominal service fee.

– Take the collection kit to your health care provider.

– Take the collection kit to your local hospital clinic.

– Contact your county health department as most offer phlebotomy services.

Within 2 weeks, we will email test results.

Consult a health care professional to review your results